To Start and Run the Debug Session

You must have a listener configured to connect to the debug region.

Use a terminal session to connect to the debug region and start the process to be debugged.

  1. In the Visual Studio IDE, set breakpoints in the source code where you want the debugging to stop.
  2. In the Visual Studio IDE, press F5, or from the menu, choose Debug > Start debugging .
    • If the Managed region is not running, you will be prompted to allow Visual Studio to start it on your behalf.

      The popup behaviour can be modified in the Micro Focus Enterprise Server option in the Tools/Options dialogs.

  3. Start a 3270 terminal and connect to the debug-configured region.

    The Sign on to CICS login screen appears.

  4. Clear the screen, and enter the transaction to debug.

    In Visual Studio, the code breaks at the set breakpoint.

  5. Use the debug actions to step through the code as needed.
  6. To stop debugging, choose Debug > Stop debugging from the Visual Studio menu.