Deploying the ACCT Sample Application into Azure

The ACCT sample application shoes how a CICS application runs under Enterprise Server for .NET in Azure.

Use this procedure to deploy the sample ACCT application to run under a CICS region.

  1. Open an Enterprise Developer command prompt.
  2. Run the following command:
    seedbdeploy [servername]

    where [servername] is the name of your SQL Azure database server instance (such as iwek9v4j6a) configured for the listener role in your CICS system. This script deploys the following files to the server instance's cross-region database:

    • All of the system transactions (for example, CPMT, CINS and CFCR) required by a CICS system.
    • A resource definition file named ResourceDefinitionsDB.config. This file includes FCT definitions for the ACCTFIL and ACCTIX files used by the ACCT application. The FCT definitions specify that these files reside in a database. By default they reside in the database named MicroFocus$SEE$Files$VSAM.
    • A region startup file named Region_ESDEMODB.config that uses the ResourceDefinitionsDB.config resource definition file.
    • The ACCT00.dll, ACCT01.dll, ACCT02.dll, ACCT03.dll, ACCT04.dll and ACCTMENU.dll assemblies that are used by the ACCT sample.
    • The ACCTSET.mod BMS mapset used by the ACCT sample.

Note that the file ACCTFIL used by the ACCT application is not deployed. Instead, this file must be created using the CFCR ACCTFIL transaction before running the ACCT transaction.