CMAP - Display BMS Maps and Information

Displays the contents of a BMS map and displays information about the map and mapset.


CMAP [mapset-name [map-name]]


[mapset-name [map-name]]

If a mapset-name is specified, then a list of maps within the mapset is displayed. If, in addition, a map-name is specified, then that map is displayed.

If map-name is not specified, you can use wildcard characters ("?" and "*") within mapset-name to reduce the number of mapsets displayed.


If no parameters are specified, or the parameters specified are not found, a list of mapsets found in the mapset directories is displayed. If a mapset contains .MOD files, the mapset name is displayed in white.

MST files ( old mapfile format) files are not supported.

You can select an item in a list either by positioning the cursor, or by typing a slash "/" against the item, and pressing Enter. Selecting a mapset displays a list of the maps it contains. Selecting a map displays the map itself.

If a mapset appears more than once in the list, then CMAP always displays the first mapset.

Typing "i" against an item (mapset or map) and pressing Enter, displays information about the item.

Dates are shown in ISO format and are not configurable.

You can use F7-PgUp and F8-PgDn to page through lists that are more than one screen long.

Pressing Clear (or any attention key) returns to the previous higher level screen.

You can exit the transaction at any time by pressing F3.