casout: administer a batch job or JES region


casout parameter parameter . . 

This command can be used to administer a batch job in either a native Enterprise Server or Enterprise Server for .NET JES region. However, only a sub-set of the command line parameters supported by native Enterprise Server is supported when used to administer jobs in an Enterprise Server for .NET JES region. The parameters supported by Enterprise Server for .NET are detailed below.


URL of the JES region to connect to, where host is the name of the machine running the communications listener process and port is the MFBINP port associated with the region. This parameter must be specified. For example:
Output DSN for sysout retrieval. The -d option must precede the -gnumber:reldd option
Flush the output of job number number
Displays all sysouts for job number number
Retrieve the relative DD for job number number
Start an initiator to run jobs of the named classes
Restart job number number at the given step/procstep. :procstep is optional
Kill job number number
Modify job number to use class class
Release job number
View initiators and printers
Specifies that printer-name is the name of the physical device to be used by a new batch printer. This option is used with the -b and-x options.
Specifies that output-classes will be handled the new batch printer. This option is used with the -n and -x options
Specifies that printer-exit will be associated with the new batch printer. This option is used with the -n and -x options


  1. List the status of job number 1001 and all of its sysouts. Each sysout listed has an associated sequence number that can be used with the -gnumber:reldd command line parameter. The job log is always assigned sequence number 1
    casout.exe -slocalhost:9022 -g1001
  2. Download the contents of the sysout with sequence number 3 for job number 1001 into the file c:\mydir\myfile.dat
    casout.exe -slocalhost:9022 -dc:\mydir\myfile.dat -g1001:2
  3. Flush all of the output for job number 1001
    casout.exe -slocalhost:9022 -f1001
  4. Start an initiator for job classes E, J and 8
    casout.exe -slocalhost:9022 -iEJ8
  5. Restart job number 1010 at step STEP05
    casout.exe -slocalhost:9022 -j1010:STEP05
  6. Kill job number 1009
    casout.exe -slocalhost:9022 -k1009
  7. Modify job number 1009 to use class A
    casout.exe -slocalhost:9022 -m1009:A
  8. Release job number 1009
    casout.exe -slocalhost:9022 -m1009:@
  9. List printers and initiators
    casout.exe -slocalhost:9022 -v
  10. Create a new printer for device "DomainLaser1" to handle classes "ABC" and use a printer exit program called "LASEREX"
    casout.exe -slocalhost:9022 -nDomainLaser1 -bABC -xLASEREX