To Submit a JCL Job From Visual Studio

You can submit a JCL file in your managed JCL project from within Visual Studio. You must associate your project with the JCL-enabled region first.
  1. Start your JCL-enabled region from the Enterprise Server for .NET Administration , making sure the listener is started.
  2. In Visual Studio, click your project in Solution Explorer. This opens the Properties window for the project, located under Solution Explorer. You now need to associate your project with the region to which you are submitting the JCL.
  3. Type localhost in the Host field and press Enter.
  4. From the drop-down list for the Region Name field, select your JCL-enabled region

    Specifying a region automatically populates the MFBINP Port field.

    Note : If your region is running on a remote host, you must enter the MFBINP Port number manually.

    You are now ready to submit the JCL file.

  5. Right-click the JCL file in your project, and click Submit JCL
  6. Check the Output window to see the result of submitting the job