Get-SEERegions: return regions


Get-SEERegions parameter parameter . . 

Returns all available CICS and JES regions and their current states.

Note: This cmdlet is primarily used by SCOM support for discovering regions. It either requires a link to the Database Server Instance Discovery section, or the contents of that section need to be included as part of the cmdlet description.


Note: All parameters have these properties:
  • Required: false
  • Position: named
  • Default value: none
  • Accept pipeline input: false
  • Accept wildcard characters: false
The command output displays all of the messages that the command generates.


The object returned is an array of region objects. Each region object includes:

  • Name: The name of the Region.
  • DBInstance: The SQL Server instance under which the region operates.
  • RegionState: The current state of the region.
class SEERegion
   System.String Name
   System.String DBInstance
   System.String RegionState


Returns an array of region objects with all regions and their current states.