Setting the Agent Proxy

The Enterprise Server for .NET Azure management pack is run through a proxy machine.

The proxy can be any machine that is managed by a SCOM server, including the SCOM server itself.

  1. Open the SCOM administration tool and select the machine to act as the agent.

  2. Right-click, click Security, and check the box to allow the agent to act as a proxy.

  3. On the proxy machine, create a folder called c:\SEE_Azure_MP and copy the following items to it:
    • From the product’s etc\SEE\SCOM\Azure directory:
      • AzureBrowser.exe
      • AzureDeployment.xml
    • From the Azure SDK:
      • Microsoft.WindowsAzure.StorageClient.dll
      • Microsoft.WindowsAzure.StorageClient.xml
    • Import the management certificate associated with the Windows subscription into the machine's certificate cache.
    • Modify the AzureDeployment.XML file to include your Azure subscription ID, the slot, the certificate thumbprint and the subscription name.