wassetup: set up IIS and WAS


wassetup parameter

Configures IIS and WAS for Enterprise Server for .NET installation. The command:

  • Checks that IIS is installed, and displays a message if it is not.
  • Enables and starts the following services if not already started:
    • netpipeactivator
    • nettcpactivator
    • was
    • w3svc
    • nettcpportsharing

The command includes a parameter to uninstall the IIS/WAS configuration.

Note: It is a good idea to run wassetup with no parameters after a system shutdown and re-start. This ensures that all the services that Enterprise Server for .NET requires are installed and operating correctly.
Attention: If IIS is not installed, the error messages generated by this command do not indicate the cause of the problem. If your error messages are not helpful, check that IIS is installed.


This is the default. It configures the IIS and WAS requirements for Enterprise Server for .NET installation, and starts all required services. It also removes existing WAS configurations performing the same function as with the -u parameter before it begins.
An error generates if any of the required services are not installed or do not start successfully.
Repairs WCF. This option will invoke the servicemodelreg.exe utility on Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008, or the dism utility on Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 or later, to repair the WCF components installed on the machine.
Uninstalls the IIS and WAS configuration created using the command with the -i parameter.
Prevents the IIS application pool from recycling the w3wp.exe instances. This may be required if you have conversational CICS transactions or batch jobs that could run for a period longer than that configured for application pool recycling.


This command configures the IIS and WAS requirements for anEnterprise Server for .NET installation.
wassetup -i