Configuring the Monitor Endpoint

The monitor connects to dispatchers and SEPs, and SEPs connect back to the monitor. A monitor process runs on every machine with a dispatcher and/or SEPs. Connections to and from the monitor are local.

You do not need to configure the monitor with service locations for dispatchers and SEPs. The monitor gets these from the database.

Since monitors are always self-hosted, it is not necessary to change the service location, except to use a different port if the default (9186) is unavailable.

Set the monitor default port in the <services> section of the seemonitor.exe.config file. By default, seemonitor.exe.config is installed to %ProgramData%\Micro Focus\Enterprise Developer\5.0\SEE\config.

The following sets the monitor port to 9185.
    <add key="Default.port" value="9185" />