To Add a Client EXCI Configuration to a JES Region

You can use this procedure to add or modify an EXCI client configuration for programs running in a JES region. You can also do this by editing the region file; see To Add a Client EXCI Configuration.
  1. Open the region startup file in the editor, and expand the Region item.
  2. Expand the EXCI item.
  3. Right-click on the Applids item and choose Add. (You can also use Edit > Add.) The Add New Applid dialog appears.
  4. Enter a name (1-8 characters) for the applid; this is often the name of the region to connect to, but does not need to be.
  5. Enter the URL for the region:
    • If the target region is Enterprise Server for .NET, specify the HTTP URL for the EXCI REST service. This will be something like http://localhost:6265/rest/default/CPMI.
    • If the target is a native Enterprise Server region, specify a CTG URL with the hostname and port of the region's CTG listener, for example ctg://localhost:9004.
After updating the region configuration, restart the region for the changes to take effect.