To Add a Data File using MMC

Use the following procedure to add a data file to a datastore database:
  1. In the Tree pane, select the SEE Administration > Shared Database Deployment Locations > Application Data Files item.
  2. Right-click the item and choose Add. The Add Deployment Path dialog box appears.
  3. In the Database Server Instance field, use the list to select the database server to use, or type the server details in the field, and click Next.

    For example, for a SQL Express installation on the local machine, type (local)\sqlexpress

    Enterprise Server for .NET connects to the database server and displays confirmation that it can connect.

  4. In the Define Datastore dialog box, click Create New.
  5. In the Data Store Name field, type a name for your datastore, and click Create.

    This is the name used by programs running in a region to locate the data store.

    Enterprise Server for .NET creates the data store, and displays it under the Data Store item.

  6. Choose File > Upload from the Data Store menu or click the Upload icon, then in the Upload File dialog box, locate and upload the VSAM file to import.
  7. Click the Refresh button to display the uploaded file's details in the editor.

    The following details display:

    • Filename
    • Format
    • Number of keys
    • Maximum record length