To Create or Edit a Region Startup Properties File

The Enterprise Server for .NET Administration UI is used to create and edit region startup properties files. A region startup property file can optionally be specified during region startup to define properties (name/value pairs) to be used by the region's applications at run-time. The properties are persisted in the region database during a cold-start. To create or edit a region startup properties file:
  1. In the Tree pane under Configuration Editors, click Region Startup Properties. See 1 in the diagram below. The Property File Configuration Editor will be displayed.
  2. Click on either the Create new file or Open file icon to create a new properties file, or edit an existing one respectively. See 2 in the diagram below.

    A grid will be displayed in which existing name/value pairs are displayed, and where new ones can be defined.

  3. Enter your name/value pairs in the grid. See 3 in the diagram below.
  4. Choose File > Save, or click the Save icon in the toolbar to save the file. See 4 in the diagram below