To Delete an Event Monitor Registration from the Cross-Region Database

Before you begin this procedure, identify the event monitor process that you want to remove.

Use this procedure when a machine or a cloud instance stops unexpectedly before the shut-down process can delete the registration from the cross-region database.
  1. In the Tree pane, select System > Registered Event Monitors.

    A list of the installation's server instances displays in the Results pane.

  2. Select the server instance that you want, or add a new server instance to use. A list of the registered event monitors for that server instance displays.
  3. Select the event monitor registration to delete, and then click the Erase icon at the top right of the Event Monitor View area. You are prompted to confirm the deletion.
  4. Click Yes to delete the event monitor registration.
The cross-region database no longer sends broadcast events to the event monitor.