CICS Resource Definitions

In Mainframe Subsytem Support you can define a subset of the resource types that you can define in mainframe CICS. You can use the same definition mechanism as mainframe CICS: DEFINE statements followed by keywords that specify various attributes of the resource. The keywords differ depending on the resource being defined. DEFINE statements are held in resource definition table (.rdt) files, which constitute a staging post in the process of exchanging resource definitions with the mainframe CICS System Definition (CSD) file.

In mainframe CICS you can define many more types of resource than you can in Mainframe Subsytem Support, for example LSRPOOL and SESSIONS. Mainframe Subsytem Support does not support these resource types because they are meaningless on the target environment.

Mainframe Subsytem Support provides Micro Focus extensions for some resource types. These are extra keywords that define attributes specific to Mainframe Subsytem Support on the target environment.

In the following specifications of the resource type definitions, each keyword and its parameters is shown in a mixture of upper case and lower case. You need to specify at least the letters in upper case. For example, in the Connection definition, DE and DESCRIPTION are synonyms. However, we recommend that you specify keywords and parameters in full, as shown in the examples. Defaults are shown in bold.

Mainframe Subsytem Support also accepts DEFINE MAPSET and all its keywords, but it does not store these definitions as mapset definitions in the resource definition file. Instead it stores them as data tables (DEFINE PROGRAM with _MOduletype set to Data).