CEBR - Browse Temporary Storage

Examines the contents of records in temporary storage or transient data queues.




You do not enter any options on the command line. When you press Enter after CEBR, a screen is displayed showing the contents of the queue CEBRname, where name is your terminal identifier.

If you want to display a different queue, either:

Enter the subcommand QUEUE with the queue identifier.


Enter the queue identifier in the CEBR command line.

CEBR Subcommands:

The CEBR transaction has the following subcommands (the acceptable abbreviation is shown in upper case):

Option Topic
BOTtom Displays the last records in the TS queue (as many as fill the screen)
COLumn nnnn Displays TS queue records starting at column nnnn
Find /string Searches TS queue records for the character string string
GET xxxx Takes the contents of the transient data queue named xxxx and puts it at the end of the displayed TS queue, so that you can browse its contents
LINE nnnn Alters the display so that record nnnn -1 is at the top of the screen and record nnnn is the current record.
PURGE Deletes the TS queue that you are browsing
PUT xxxx Copies the TS queue being browsed to the TD queue named xxxx
Queue xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Displays the contents of the TS queue named xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
TERMinal xxxx Displays the contents of the TS queue named term-idxxxx, where term-id is your terminal identifier
Top Starts the display at the first record in the TS queue


The CEBR transaction works as it does on a mainframe, with minor exceptions. In the QUEUE subcommand, you cannot supply a queue name in hexadecimal. There are no PF key equivalents for subcommands.