CPMT - Inquire and Set Program Attributes

Displays the current attributes of the specified program for an inquire, and sets the specified program attribute.


CPMT function program-name


The function is specified as one of:
  • NEwcopy
  • PHasein
  • DPlsubset
  • FUllapi
  • PRivate
  • SHared
  • ENabled
  • DIsabled
  • INquire
  • NAme-inquire

CEdf and NOCEdf are not supported.

For each function except INquire and NAme-inquire, CPMT issues an EXEC CICS SET PROGRAM command for the corresponding system programming API keyword.

For the INquire function, CPMT issues an EXEC CICS INQUIRE PROGRAM command, and displays the results.

For the NAme-inquire function, CPMT displays the fully qualified program name of the object loaded from disk for the associated program or table.