Diagnosing Resource Limit Issues

If mfcs32 encounters a memory or stack resource limit, it will typically not be able to create new threads to process additional conversations (until some existing conversations are finished), and might not be able to allocate memory for tasks such as parsing HTTP headers. Typical error messages in the communications console log (log.html) in this situation include:

If mfcs32 encounters a file descriptor limit, it will be unable to create sockets for new conversations. In this case no error will be logged, but the conversation will be closed immediately, and the client should report an error.

If an enterprise server runs for a very long period of time, one or more enterprise server processes could encounter a CPU time limit. In this case the process will be killed by the operating system. Generally, Enterprise Server will detect this and restart the killed process, but any work the process was doing (running a service if it's a service execution process, or handling client conversations if it's a communications process) will be lost. An error message will appear in the Enterprise Server console log (file console.log) noting that a process was terminated and restarted.