Developing and Testing the Application

The process used by developers using Enterprise Developer as the development environment with Enterprise Server as the deployment environment is as follows:

  1. Use Enterprise Developer to maintain and compile BMS mapsets for CICS or generate DBDs, MFSs and PSBs for IMS.
  2. Use Enterprise Developer to maintain resource definitions.
  3. Maintain and compile CICS, IMS and batch programs in Enterprise Developer.
  4. They deploy the application to Enterprise Server.
  5. They debug the application in the Enterprise Developer IDE.

Steps 3 through 6 need to be repeated as required to get the application working correctly.

Developers need to have some familiarity with running programs in Enterprise Server and the facilities provided therein specifically for monitoring CICS, IMS and JCL applications.


As Enterprise Server only supports upper case API names, care has to be taken when making calls with lower or mixed case names. This is particularly relevant with applications that have been developed on case sensitive operating systems such as UNIX. This problem can be avoided by using the NOCASE directive when compiling the application. This instructs the COBOL compiler to convert external symbols to upper case.

In the case where, for example, an IMS application uses lower or mixed case API names and has moved to a UNIX platform but must also issue calls to platform specific lower or mixed case APIs', the CASE directive can be used, provided the IMS specific symbols are converted from lower or mixed case to upper case.