Importing the Installation Verification Enterprise Server

The installation software comes with an Enterprise Server configuration file. You can import this file and use the server that it configures for installation verification.

To import the Enterprise Server installation verification configuration file:

  1. On the Enterprise Server Administration screen, under Actions at the left, click Import to display the Import server information screen. The Recent Directories field displays two entries. For example, the verification enterprise server entry is: pkg/etc/mfds/MSSIVP.
  2. Select the verification enterprise server entry and click Select, and then click Next.
  3. Click Next two more times to accept the default settings, then on the Import server information (Page 4 of 4) screen, click OK.
  4. Click Edit to the left of the MSSDEMO server row. Select the Listeners tab, and verify the following information to enable you to use a TN3270 emulator:
    Field Value
    Name tn3270
    Endpoint address The default endpoint address is 9010. Check with the system administrator that this is not used by other applications. If it is, configure another endpoint address to use.
    Supported Conversation Type Check TN3270