IMS-enabled Enterprise Server Administration using ESMAC

We provide the Enterprise Server Monitor and Control (ESMAC) feature as the primary tool to run and monitor production applications, including IMS applications. We suggest that you read and become familiar with group of topics in the Administering Enterprise Server Instances using ESMAC section of this documentation.

When you first view ESMAC for an IMS-enabled enterprise server, the Server Information page is displayed, as shown here:

Figure 1. ESMAC Server information page for IMS
ESMAC Server information page for IMS

When you run ESMAC on an IMS-enabled enterprise server, you can use it to perform a wide range of administrative functions. Because of the integration between support for IMS and CICS within Enterprise Server, most of these administrative functions are described in the topic Administering CICS-enabled Enterprise Servers. In addition, you can use ESMAC to create temporary MPRs.