To start a temporary MPR

As well as defining permanent message processing regions, you can define temporary ones that exist only until an enterprise server is stopped.

To start a temporary MPR:

  1. In the dropdown list under Resources on the ESMAC menu, select IMS.
  2. Click Control in the Resources part of the ESMAC menu.

    The IMS Control page that appears is for starting MPRs and creating an internal diagnostic view of IMS TM message queues.

  3. In MPR Classes field, type the list of message classes you want this MPR to be able to run.
  4. If you are defining an MPR for transactions that you want to debug, check Debug.
  5. Click Start.

    The MPR starts immediately and lasts until the enterprise server is stopped.

Note: You can specify a maximum of four classes in the Transaction Class field. You must separate each class by a comma. The classes you specify must be less than 32-bytes long. If you specify more than four classes only the first four are used. When you start the enterprise server instance you see a message (CASIP0013I) in the console.log that shows which classes have been registered for use.

Like all SEPs, any MPRs you define are shown, together with their statuses, on the SEPs page in ESMAC. Click SEPs near the top left of the ESMAC menu to display this. MPRs are displayed in the IMS MPR section.