Submitting to a Remote Machine

Before you use cassub to submit a JCL job to a remote machine, you must find out the address of the Web Services listener associated with the service MF JES. To do this:

  1. Open Enterprise Server Administration for the remote machine.
  2. On the Home page of Enterprise Server Administration click Details next to Services in the Objects column for the server that you want to submit a job to.
  3. Note the address of the listener for the service with a service class of MF JES.

You then specify this address using the -s parameter of cassub. For example:

cassub -j/var/mfcobol/es/jcldemo/esjcl/esjcl.jcl -stcp:

If submitting to an ssl-enabled listener, -stcpssl can be specified in place of -stcp.

This submits the JCL in the file /var/mfcobol/es/jcldemo/esjcl/esjcl.jcl on your machine to an enterprise server running on a remote machine. The enterprise server must already have been started.

You can verify that you have successfully submitted the job by using the ESMAC Log feature: click Log in the Diagnostics group of the menu, and then click Display. You will be able to see messages relating to the job submission.

You can view the remote machine's spool queues and catalog entries in the usual way.