About the Demo CA

Micro Focus Demo CA enables you to configure secure communication for an Enterprise Server listener.

Encryption uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and is fully interoperable with standard (non-Micro Focus) SSL clients and servers. Micro Focus Demo CA also provides support for integration with Public Key Infrastructures (PKIs) and PKI functions, such as processing certificates.

The demonstration CA software enables you to operate as a Certifying Authority. An operating CA needs to create certificates, and it needs an LDAP to store the certificates it creates along with its own certificate (self-signed in the case of a root CA). For training and testing you will be acting as both a CA and a server requesting certificates, so you need certificates and keys for both.

The demonstration CA comprises a directory structure and the files needed for the demonstration. The demonstration CA is set up with the following:

You use the demonstration CA to create certificates. Since the CA is local, these certificates are not recognized outside your organization. For production use you should obtain certificates from a well-known Certifying Authority and use those. The Demo CA is suitable for training and testing.


If you consider using the demonstration for anything other than training or testing, it is essential that you read the warnings in the section Is the Demonstration CA a Real CA?.