CASTS5012S ES TSC Log and Intra-Partition TS/TD initialization failed. Reason (reason-code)

The ES TSC Control Process failed to initialize its log facility.

The reason code reason-code is one of the following:

 0 = Queue file anchor array size mismatch 
 1 = Failure reading queue file header 
 2 = Failure during create of the queue file 
 3 = Failure writing the queue file headers 
 4 = Failure allocating queue file buffers 
 5 = Failure allocating storage for the free space array 
 6 = Failure writing the free space array 
 7 = Failure reading the free space array 
 8 = Queue file header record size mismatch 
 9 = Queue file record size mismatch 
 A = Queue file record block number mismatchror

These codes may be followed by a ":" and RTS file IO error code.

System Action:
The ES TSC Control Process is terminated and ES termination is initiated.
Correct the ES TSC configuration and restart the Enterprise Server.