CASXB0035W Warning: MCO forces TIOAPFX=YES on MOD/CPY generation

TIOAPFX=NO was either specified or implied for the current map.

The MCO/MTS runtime assumes TIOAPFX=YES when communicating with user dsects, so it is forced when a dsect (copybook) and load module (.MOD) are generated. BMS regenerated from the screen painter is not affected, in order to maintain portability with your host settings. However, this may prevent you from porting the generated copybook to your host system.

System Action:
TIOAPFX=YES is forced in generated copybooks and mapset load modules.
If this message appears, you must alter the generated copybook after porting it to your host system by removing the 12-byte filler (the TIOA prefix) from the head of each map's dsect.
.TRL file