COBEC0049W Nested CALL statement stack overflow

The preprocessor stack for nested CALL statements has overflowed.

Nesting means further CALLs within OVERFLOW, EXCEPTION, and NOT EXCEPTION clause. The preprocessor stack contains state information for all CALL statements that have not terminated (by END-CALL or period). The stacking limit is 32 unterminated CALL statements.

System Action:
Processing continues normally, except that some CALL statements may not get the appropriate test code inserted to do the exit processing and check for CICS errors after returning from a called program.
If none of the programs invoked by the nested CALL statements is a CICS program and none of the invoke CICS programs (however indirectly), then the program will function correctly. If there are CICS programs invoked in the nested CALL statements, then they should be recoded in some other form to avoid the preprocessor limitation on nesting. This will guarantee that exit processing and error checking will be done at the return from called programs.
cicsprep (dfhxc2pp)
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