CICS-Specific Environment Variables

These environment variables relate to configuring the CICS environment.

Note: The Environment variables in alphabetical order topic contains the values for most environment variables.
Variable Description
CICS_SIT The name of the SIT used by the region
ES_ABORT_PLTPI_ERROR Enables the user to set the error on which to abort PLTPI processing, bypassing the prompt. See ES_ABORT_PLTPI_ERROR in Environment variables in alphabetical order for details.
ES_CICS_SINGLE Configures CICS so that a user can only log on once
ES_CLASS_XPCT Overrides the default CICS PCT resource class
ES_CLASS_XCMD Overrides the default CICS CMD resource class
ES_CLASS_XDCT Overrides the default CICS DCT resource class
ES_CLASS_XFCT Overrides the default CICS FCT resource class
ES_CLASS_XJCT Overrides the default CICS JCT resource class
ES_CLASS_XPPT Overrides the default CICS PPT resource class
ES_CLASS_XPSB Overrides the default CICS PSB resource class
ES_CLASS_XRES Overrides the default CICS DOCTEMPLATE resource class
ES_CLASS_XTST Overrides the default CICS TST resource class
ES_CLASS_XTRAN Overrides the default CICS TRAN resource class
ES_DISABLE_DFLTUSR_SIGNON Disables the default user ("mfuser") signon when invoking ES Monitor & Control.
ES_ECI_MAX_RESP Specifies the maximum expected response size (in bytes) to use when using Micro Focus ECI support to invoke CICS programs.
ES_ESM_CMDSEC Indicates whether CICS processing honors the CMDSEC option specified on a transaction's PLT definition
ES_ESM_PLTPIUSR The user id under which PLT programs run during CICS initialization
ES_ESM_RESSEC Indicates whether CICS processing honors the RLS security setting specified on a transaction definition (PCT)
ES_ESM_SECPRFX Indicates whether CICS processing prefixes the resource names when making security queries
ES_ESM_XUSER Indicates whether CICS processing performs surrogate user checks
ES_EUSA_SIZE Sets the size of the extended user storage area, allowing large memory allocations to be set using the GETMAIN SHARED command. Set this variable to a numeric value representing the number of MB.
ES_JES_FREE_SSTM_SYSOUT When set to Y, decreases the amount of memory used when processing CICS spool datasets in an SSTM enterprise server.
ES_LE370_SUPPORT Enables support for Language Environment (LE) in CICS applications
ES_MQ_1PC Indicates whether the WebSphere MQ switch module ESMQXA should operate in one-phase commit mode. Set this environment variable only when advised to do so by Micro Focus.
ES_MQ_LIB The full name including the path of the IBM WebSphere MQ client or server library.
Important: In AIX environments the library is an object inside a shared object. For example
ES_MQ_LIB_T The full name including the path of the IBM WebSphere MQ client or server library, for threaded environments
ES_MQ_LIB_XA The full name including the path of the IBM WebSphere MQ XA library
Important: In AIX environments the library is an object inside a shared object. For example:
ES_MQ_LIB_XA_T The full name including the path of the IBM WebSphere MQ XA library, for threaded environments
ES_MQ_XA Specifies whether the two-phase commit protocol uses a static or dynamic XA structure
ES_PLI_SUPPORT Tells the CICS Emulation that it needs to load its subsystem support for PL/I user programs. The default value is "N".
ES_SSTM_CICS Location of the JCL used to initialize the SSTM CICS environment.
ES_SURROGATE_JOB_USER Associates a user ID with a job when submitting the job for processing through the internal reader from CICS.
ES_TEST_TRANCLASS Activates transaction class support.
ES_TRANCLASS_CWI For CICS Web Services, enables the prioritizing and limiting of Web requests in a TRANCLASS-enabled region.
ES_USR_DFLT_CICS Allows you to override the default user when no user is logged on for CICS authentication.
ES_XA_ABEND Recycles non-batch SEPs when a severe error is returned on an xa-start by an Oracle switch.
ES_XA_RECONNECT Set this to any value to configure the XA reconnect process to operate in a single attempt mode.
ES_XA_%xaname%_OPTIONS Set this environment variable for each RM that you require to operate in a multiple attempt mode. Replace the %xaname% component of the variable name with the name of the RM as specified in MFDS or ESCWA.

Specify the number of reconnect attempts to the target RM (up to a maximum of 9999) as well as the duration of the delay, in seconds, between each attempt. If you set the variable to EX it will exclude the target RM from XA reconnect processing.

TXTRANP The location of the CICS application object files.