Configuring TS and TD Queues for SOR Storage

The TSTDSRUE exit is called at queue access time with the following information:

Note: The SOR name will be in upper case.

The exit needs to return whether or not to direct the queue to the input SOR:

Do not send to the SOR.
Send to the SOR.

A sample exit is provided with Enterprise Developer and can be found in the following locations src\enterpriseserver\exits\TSTDSRUE.CBL (Windows) or $COBDIR/src/enterpriseserver/exit/TSTDSRUE.CBL (UNIX).

The compiled program should be placed in the bin and\or bin64 (Windows) or $COBDIR/lib/es and/or $COBDIR/lib/es64 (UNIX).

If this exit is used, any SOR models which have been defined will be ignored.

Note: If a TS or TD queue name contains x'00' and that queue is to be written to a SOR, the name will be truncated from (and including) the x'00'. For example, x'AABB00CCDD' would be written with the name x'AABB'.