Historical Statistics Detail for Transaction

This is the process ID of the SEP which ran the task.
Task Number
A unique task number.
Date and Time
The date and time the task started to run.
Time Data
A graphical representation of the latency and response times.
Latency time average, in seconds.
Response Time
Response time average, in seconds.
Logical Unit
For CICS tasks, the logical unit or net name is the identifier of the terminal used to initiate the task.

For JCL, this is either the step name, the JOBSTART(CLASS:jobclass) indicator, or the JOBEND indicator. JOBSTART(CLASS:jobclass) records are generated when a job starts. Job step records displaying the step name, for example, STEP01 are generated when a step ends. JOBEND records are generated when a job completes.

Program Name
For CICS and IMS tasks, this is the program name.

For JCL, this is the program name or the job number, depending on the JCL record type.

For CICS tasks, this is the ID of the user that initiated the task.

For JCL STEP and END records, this is the condition code or an error string.

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