Note: Micro Focus offers two types of installers on UNIX and Linux - a proprietary Micro Focus installer for installing on UNIX and Linux and a standard RPM (RPM Package Manager) installer for installing on Linux.

These are the steps to install this product:

  1. Give execute permissions to the setup file:
    chmod +x setup_ent_server_6.0_platform
  2. Run the installer with superuser permissions:

    If you don't run this as superuser, you are prompted to enter the superuser password during the install.

    Note: On Ubuntu, the prompt for superuser password is not available. On this platform you must either log in as root or use the sudo command to get root permissions before you run the installer.

    If you set COBDIR to an already installed product, the installer will back up the existing installation and will install this release in the location COBDIR points to. If COBDIR is not set, the installer does a fresh install.

    The COBOL run-time is installed by default into /opt/microfocus/EnterpriseDeveloper, (COBDIR).


During the installation process, the installer configures the product's Enterprise Server System Administrator Process User ID. The Process User ID will be the owner of all Enterprise Server processes except the one for the Micro Focus Directory Server (MFDS). The Directory Server process (Enterprise Server Administration) runs as root as this allows it to access the system files and ports.

All Enterprise Server processes you start from Enterprise Server Administration run under the Process User ID which can affects the file access and creation.

You must supply the user ID at the command line - specify -EsadminID=[ ID ] as part of your command.

By default, the installer uses the login id of the user that runs the installer for the Process User ID. To change the user id after you complete the installation, execute $COBDIR/bin/ and follow the onscreen instructions.

SafeNet Sentinel considerations

  • The installation of this product could affect the SafeNet Sentinel licensed components running on your machine. During installation licensing is shutdown to allow files to be updated. To ensure the processes running on your machine are not affected, you need to use the -skipsafenet option, which skips the installation of SafeNet:
    ./setup_ent_server_6.0_platform -skipsafenet
  • To protect the SafeNet Sentinel installation from accidental updating you can create an empty file named SKIP_SAFENET_INSTALL in /var/microfocuslicensing/ as follows:
    touch /var/microfocuslicensing/SKIP_SAFENET_INSTALL

    While the file is present, the SafeNet installer does not make changes to the installation or shutdown the running license daemons. If licensing needs to be updated later, you can rerun the from within the $COBDIR/safenet folder with the force command line option:

    cd $COBDIR/safenet
    ./ force