Enterprise Server Batch Reconnect for MQ Batch Programs Running in a Multi-instance Queue Manager

If MQ is configured as a Multi-Instance Queue Manager (MIQM), batch programs will automatically reconnect to the active queue manager. This is enabled by setting the MQCNO-RECONNECT option in the MQCONNX IBM MQ API.

In Enterprise Server, if an application program uses the MQCONN API and the reconnect in an MIQM, the system will redirect the MQCONN API to the MQCONNX API. The system will also set the MQCNO-RECONNECT option on the MQCONNX API invocation.

Note: You might experience security issues when using the MQCONN API. To resolve this ensure that you pass user credentials. See Passing user credentials when connecting to an MQSeries queue manager for more information.

Configuring a Batch Reconnect

Set the environment variable ES_XA_MQ to enable reconnection to the standby queue manager when the connection to the active queue manager is lost:


In addition, the environment variable MQSERVER can be set to enable Enterprise Server to verify that at least 2 connections are listed. For example:

where each connection is separated by a comma.