share descriptors

By default, each application has a private collection of socket descriptors. The application receives socket number 0 from its first call to a function that returns a descriptor, such as SOCKET.

If share-setting is Yes or 1, all applications in the region will instead have a common set of descriptors. This means that applications can share sockets without using a GIVESOCKET or a TAKESOCKET call. This emulates the behavior in a mainframe CICS region. It, however, does not emulate the behavior of applications running under JCL.

Note: Enabling this option requires that your applications explicitly close all sockets when they are done with them. The sockets will not be implicitly closed by TERMAPI or the application exit.


share descriptors=share-setting


Can be one of:
1 or Yes
Configures all applications in the region to have a common set of descriptors.
The default setting.


Default: No