MQ-IMS Bridge

The MQ-IMS Bridge feature enables you to capture incoming IMS transaction requests sent by an application to a WebSphere MQ queue, process those transactions on an enterprise server instance running an IMS application, and return output to the originating application via a WebSphere MQ output queue. When using an MQ listener with the MQ-IMS Bridge, this procedure requires no modifications to either the originating application or the IMS application.

Communications between Enterprise Server and WebSphere MQ are established by enabling MQ listener support and defining and enabling one or more MQ listeners in Enterprise Server.

An MQ listener is an Enterprise Server component that monitors messages sent to a specific WebSphere MQ queue. You can define an MQ listener to monitor either an input queue or an initiation queue. If you define the listener to monitor an initiation queue, Enterprise Server dynamically creates a listener for each associated input queue that receives inbound messages.

An MQ writer is an Enterprise Server component that sends messages back to a WebSphere MQ output queue. You do not define MQ writers. Enterprise Server creates them dynamically as needed.

The naming convention for all dynamically created listeners and writers is:


nnnnnn is set initially to 000001, and is incremented by 1 with the creation of each subsequent listener or writer.