About the Audit Manager (deprecated)

Note: Audit Manager is deprecated and provided for backward compatibility only. We recommend that you use syslog events instead. See Enterprise Server Auditing for more information.

The Audit Manager can collect audit events generated by MFDS and by the SEPs running in an Enterprise Server installation. It can either write the information to a set of secure files, or output the information as SNMP events.

You can configure Audit Manager behaviour using a configuration file. You specify this configuration file with the -c <filename> option.

You can log auditable events to file, or as SNMP events. With SMMP, you can use SNMP management software to analyze the events.

The Audit Manager provides a utility, and APIs, that you can use to generate reports from the audit files that the system generates. The Audit Manager also provides APIs with which you can perform operations such as customizing logging destinations, and configuring your applications to generate audit events.