To Run the Directory Server as a Non-Root User

On UNIX, MFDS can run as a non-root user on a port number equal or greater than 1024. When running MFDS as a non-root user you must consider the following:

You can use the CCITCP2_PORT environment variable to bind to a non-standard port, but this option should be used with caution, as some programs depend on Directory Server using the default port (86). If you do set CCITCP2_PORT, ensure it is set in the environment for Enterprise Server regions and COBOL programs which use the directory server.

From Enterprise Server 6.0, if MFDS is run as the root user, and a default user ID is configured for it on the Options page, then after binding to the port MFDS will change its process user ID to the specified user ID (dropping root privileges). The above considerations also apply if a default user ID is configured for MFDS. See Syntax for specifying a default user ID in mfds for more information.