Short-to-long Mapping for Verify

The ESF Verify operation, used to verify a user's credentials and sign the user into an Enterprise Server subsystem, operates on the long name.
Note: Some interfaces only accept short names. This includes the CICS sign-on transactions and APIs such as EXEC CICS SIGNON.

If you use long names and use CICS you may need to use another related feature, known as short-to-long mapping for the Verify operation. When this is enabled, the Verify operation does the following:

  1. If the name is longer than eight characters it proceeds normally, otherwise:
  2. It checks that the Enterprise Server MSS system already recognizes the short name is associated with a long name. This is the case if the user has already signed onto this region using their long name, which has been mapped to their short name. If this is the case it continues the Verify operation using the associated long name.
  3. It attempt to map the short name to a long name. If this succeeds, it continues the Verify process using the mapped long name.
  4. If none of the previous steps succeed it attempts the Verify operation using the short name as supplied by the caller.

There are some additional requirements for short-to-long mapping for Verify:

You can enable short name mapping on a region's Security tab, or on the Default ES Security tab. In the Configuration Information field, type:

map short names=yes
Note: It cannot be enabled from a Security Manager definition.