Job Control Table

Use this page to create a new Journal Control Table (JCT).

Click INSTALL to install this resource.

Click ACTIVE to make this resource active.

Click DELETE to delete this JCT.

Click COPY to create a new JCT, using the values set on this page as the basis for the new JCT.

Click DUMP to create and view dump information for this JCT.

Click APPLY to save your changes to the JCT.

Specify a description for the JCT, this can be up to 60 characters long.

Journal File Location Details

File Name
Specify the filename of the journal.
File Path
Specify the pathname of the journal file.
Specify the filename extension of the journal file.
Specify the name of the Fileshare server controlling this data set.

Journal File Characteristics

Record Max
Specify the maximum length of a record in the journal file.
Record Min
Specify the minimum length of a record in the journal file.
Initial State
Select the initial status of the journal:
A new journal data set is created at system initialization.
Data is appended to an existing journal data set.