Commuter licenses

A commuter license can be moved temporarily from a license server on your network to your own computer. You can then use that license while you are disconnected from the server. Commuter licenses are useful when, for example, working from home or visiting a client site.

You obtain and manage commuter licenses by using the Micro Focus License Administration tool. If there are any commutable licenses on your network server, you can view a list of them by selecting the Commuter/Return Licenses option.

At the end of your commute period the license on your computer expires. The license is available from your network server when you reconnect. Typically, the maximum commute period is 30 days.

You can return a commute license back to the license server before it has expired. Use the Micro Focus License Administration tool to do this.

Not all licenses are commutable. You must have commuter licenses on your license server.