To define specific printers for an IMS-enabled enterprise server

Note: This topic applies to Use Case 3: Define Specific Printers to Enterprise Server from the topic Configuring IMS Printers. See Configuring IMS Printers for information on LU1 and LU3 Term Model definitions.
  1. Start ES Monitor & Control for your IMS-enabled enterprise server.
  2. Edit the IMSGRP resource definition, found in the IMSSTRT startup list.
    Note: The IMSGRP resource definition is found in the IMSSIT system initialization table. If you have not specified IMSSIT for this enterprise server, create a new resource group.
  3. On the CICS GROUP page, click Term.
  4. In the Name field, type a four-character name for the new Term; generally, this is the last four characters of the Net Name, and must be unique within the Term name namespace for an enterprise server. A name conflict encountered for either specifically or dynamically defined clients can prevent definitions from installing properly at run time.
  5. Type a meaningful description into the Description field.
  6. From the Model drop-down list, select No.
  7. In the Net Name field, type a name. See Assigning Client Names for more information.
  8. In the Terminal Type field, type the terminal type that represents the printer. For example, for an LU3 printer, type LU3PRINT. LU3PRNT is a supplied T-TYPE definition in the DFHTERM definition group.
  9. Ensure that the Fixed Transaction field is set to /IMS. This specification ensures that Enterprise Server publishes this device to theEnterprise Server IMS TM.
  10. Click Add.