ESF User Exit

The ESF User Exit is a feature of the Enterprise Server External Security Facility (ESF). It lets custom actions be performed at certain points while processing security requests. The custom functionality is performed by a loadable module which may be provided by Micro Focus, a customer, or a third party. The User Exit may be used to modify or filter particular security requests, for example. A sample User Exit module, called the "Referential Integrity" exit, is included with Enterprise Developer and the source code is available upon request. The sample module must be enabled by the product administrator. By default no user exit module is enabled.

The user exit is available starting with ESF 2.1, released as part of Enterprise Developer 2.2 Update 2 Hotfix 7 and Enterprise Developer 2.3.

Currently the only exit point in ESF is prior to processing ESF Admin requests. ESF Admin is a mechanism for adding, removing, updating, and querying security objects (users, groups, and resource access control rules). See the documentation for the esfadmin command for more information. The Admin user exit point can be used to block particular admin requests or perform other actions based on them, as the Referential Integrity sample user exit module demonstrates.

More exit points may be added in future product releases. (New releases will remain backward-compatible with older exit modules.)