List the users.

Required parameters

User name, optionally with "*" wildcards.

Optional parameters

Disables the generation of the GROUPS attribute in the output, which lists groups the user belongs to. This attribute must be computed when processing the command, and can take a long time to generate if you are listing many users or have many groups.
This parameter name is an abbreviation of the word "consistent". It disables locking the ESF group list while computing group membership. This introduces a small chance of returning inconsistent results for the user's group list, but it improves performance and enables multiple LISTUSER commands to run in parallel. This option has no effect if the parameter COMPUTED=NO is specified, this is because the group membership is omitted.

Inconsistent results will only occur if LISTUSER overlaps with the initial Verify operation for the same user, with an ESF Update operation which changes the user's group membership, or with an ESF Admin ALTGROUP, DELGROUP, or ALTUSER operation which happens to affect the group entry LISTUSER is currently examining. The most likely result is the appearance of an empty group name in the returned results. [2]


esfadmin listuser user="A*"

Lists all users with names beginning with "A".