Native Region Navigation Bar

Check MSS Enabled on your region's GENERAL PROPERTIES page to display the CICS menu item. Check JES Enabled, IMS Enabled, or MQ Enabled to display the corresponding menu item.

When the menus are visible, you will always be able to access the configuration options under each of the menu items.

When regions are started, additional options can appear under each of the menus. These are specific to active region configuration, monitoring, and control.

Note: These additional menu options will not appear if their respective feature (MSS, JES, IMS, or MQ) is not correctly configured. The region will start but the menu will have a red triangle next to it warning that the feature is not working as a result of misconfiguration.

Additionally, when a region is TranClass enabled and started, the Monitor > TranClass option will appear along with the TranClass resource type under CICS > Resources.