ESCWA Interactive API Library

The API library documents all of the requests ESCWA provides.

The library runs as an interactive client on your instance of ESCWA. This enables you to test actual requests and responses against your configuration.

To access the interactive API library, add /docs to the end of your base ESCWA URI, for example http://localhost:10086/docs.

To start using the interactive API:

  1. Click Authorize.

    This opens the Available authorizations dialog box.

  2. For the X-Requested-With, in the Value field, type an identifier.
  3. Click Authorize.
  4. Click Close.

The interactive API library manages the Host, Origin, Referer, Accept, Content-Type, and Content-Length headers for you. It also stores and applies the cookie for session handling.

Note: The interactive API library and ESCWA share a session. Logging in or out from one will affect the other.