SQL Applications

OpenESQL and its DBMAN=JDBC directive have been tested for cross-platform JVM compatibility using standard COBOL SQL host variable specifications. See SQL Data Types for more information. In addition, OpenESQL supports the UNICODE"PORTABLE" COBOL compiler directive.

To be cross-platform compatible, OpenESQL applications must use standard, default SQLCA and SQLDA definitions which are provided with Enterprise Developer. SQLCA and SQLDA definitions that use COMP items rather than standard COMP-5 items are not portable.

When compiling dynamic SQL with OpenESQL, pointers contained in the SQLDA are either 32 or 64-bit depending on whether the COBOL development system is 32 or 64-bit or if the P64 compiler directive has been set.

JVM classes generated by OpenESQL during compilation may be different across platforms, this is benign at execution time. During compilation, OpenESQL embeds timestamps and other artifacts that do not affect behavior at execution time.