trace error filter [15]

Restriction: These options apply only when the Enterprise Server feature is enabled.

If the trace on error option is specified, this option can be used to control which error conditions cause MFCS to write the trace output. If it is not specified, trace output is written on every error condition, as described in the topic trace on error.


trace error filter=token-list


A list of one or more tokens, separated by spaces and/or commas. Tokens can be any of:
This special token will cause errors to be reported if MFCS returns a non-zero value to CAS. This typically indicates a severe processing failure, such as, an invalid request from CAS or the failure to allocate storage.
This special token will cause errors to be reported if the EZ Sockets API parameter RETCODE is -1 on returning from an EZ Sockets function. Many EZ Sockets APIs (though not all) use -1 to indicate that some error occurred.
Any valid numeric value, per the IBM EZ Sockets documentation. Currently these include the values 4-121, 1002-1036, 10101-10999, and 20000-20002. See IBM documentation for the meanings of these values.
mnemonic name
The mnemonic name for any ERRNO value, such as EBADF, EIBMSOCKOUTOFRANGE, or EBADRDLEN. See IBM documentation for the names and their meanings.

The default is to trace on all errors.