PAC Best Practices

Micro Focus recommends you use the following best practice guidelines when using Performance and Availability Cluster (PAC)s:

  • Each enterprise server instance requires its own resource definition file (dfhdrdat). Only a subset of resources are stored in the PAC Scale-Out Repository (PSOR). An enterprise server instance still require resources that are not available from the PSOR. The same dfhdrdat file should be used in every enterprise server instance in the PAC.
  • The same SIT and startup list should be used for every enterprise server instance in the PAC.
  • Use the same program and file paths across a PAC.
  • Only use the caspac command to modify entries in the Scale-Out Repository (SOR). Removing entries manually might lead to unexpected behavior.
  • Prior to cold starting a PAC, ensure that you have run the caspac command to initialize the PAC.