Deploying JVM COBOL Applications

JVM application are a collection of classes (.class files).

JVM COBOL applications that do not use an application server

Compile your JVM COBOL application to .class files. Optionally, package these to a .jar file (using the jar command). Ship with Enterprise Server (requires a license).

JVM COBOL applications that run on an application server

You can deploy JVM COBOL applications to an application server such as JBoss, WebSphere or Tomcat.

The applications could include only JVM COBOL code or could be a mixture of JVM COBOL and Java Code. They could use EJBs or Web services - e.g. managed REST, WSDL.

In order to deploy, you need to:

  • Package the application as either a .jar, .ear, or a .war file.
  • Deploy the file to the application server according to the server's requirements.
  • You also need to deploy the Micro Focus managed run-time, mfcobolrts.jar. You can do this either separately or in the application's .ear or war file. See Java Calling JVM COBOL in the product help of Enterprise Developer.

You do not need to ship Enterprise Server in this case.