Batch Backout Implementation

To use the Batch Backout utility, you configure your IMS database update process to create batch backout log files. The Batch Backout process uses these log file to reverse changes. You can use the checkpoints that your applications set in these log files to back out selected changes only.

The Enterprise Server Batch Backout utility is similar in functionality to the IBM IMS batch backout implementation. The Enterprise Server implementation differs in the following ways:

Note: Online IMS databases implemented in an Enterprise Server environment include dynamic (automatic) backout functionality. That is, when an application that has updated an online Enterprise Server environment IMS database abends, the uncommitted unit-of-work is backed out automatically, and does not require use of the Batch Backout utility. As a result, the features of Batch Backout that relate to the recovery of online databases are not needed and therefore unsupported in Enterprise Server.