Printers time out


Printers time out=yes


Default: no (printers do not time out)

Normally, the TN3270 session timeout applies only to terminal sessions, not printer sessions. Use this option to enable timing out for printers as well. See the Timeout topic for more information.

By default, the TN3270 session timeout is based on the last time data was received by the client, and printer sessions are usually output-only, so they would time out and be closed when the timeout expired, regardless of whether they were in use. There are two options for preventing active printer sessions from timing out:

  • Configure your TN3270 client software to send a Telnet keepalive (also known as a heartbeat) flow periodically, so Enterprise Server knows the client is still connected. In Micro Focus Rumba+ Desktop 10, for example, this is the Send NOP option. Note that this must be a Telnet keepalive, not a TCP keepalive.
  • Enable the Output resets timeout option. When this is enabled, the timeout period is restarted each time data is received from the client or sent to the client. In this mode, print operations to a printer session within the timeout period will prevent it from timing out.