SOAP /J2EE (legacy) conversation type

The SOAP /J2EE (legacy) conversation type accepts the following configuration options which are all case-insensitive:


maximum timeout=max-seconds
infinite timeout=inf-seconds
async send=async-setting
automatic discard=discard-setting
force persistent=force-setting
client closes=close-setting

Note: The SOAP / J2EE (legacy) conversation type has been superseded by the Web Services and J2EE conversation type, and is only used for compatibility with older server definitions. New servers should use the Web Services and J2EE conversation type for listeners that will handle SOAP, JSON, J2EE, ESMAC, and JES job submission /output retrieval requests. Existing listeners that use the SOAP /J2EE (legacy) conversation type can be updated to use Web Services and J2EE.